Winningen – welcome to the home of the Wine Witch

Winningen is beautifully situated in a landscape protection area, on the left riverbank of the lower Moselle. This small winegrowing town on the Moselle terraces has preserved lots of charm of the good old days. Winding streets and squares with picturesque half-timbered houses, decorated with flowers and vine, invite you to take a stroll. In cozy taverns and restaurants you may enjoy delicacies from kitchen and cave, finally served with the typical Moselle hospitality.

Especially experts rate the Riesling growing on the schist terraces one of the world’s best wines. Nowhere in the world winegrowing is more scenically attractive, and at the same time such a difficult task. Most noteworthy are the superposed vineyard terraces belong to the most steeply sloping vineyards in the world, and the prime location „Winninger Uhlen“ features a slope of 65%. Due to the microclimate, the vineyards offer living space to rare animal species such as mountain Apollo, or emerald lizards.


Winningen Roettgen in autumn


Things to see

The protected Museum of Wine and Local History, planned and realized in 1833 by architect Johann Claudius Lassaulx, is amazingly well preserved. The inner structure remained unchanged, and therefore a lot of original viticulture equipments can be admired. A permanent exhibition is dedicated to honorary citizen August Horch, founder of the vehicle manufactory Horch, the later Audi Company.

The Winningen curtain wall from the 15th/16th century has partly been integrated in the town houses. One of the 6 town gates with a keystone from 1750 is still well preserved. Also worth a visit: the baroque Protestant church with Romanic tower, and the memorial on Witch Hill („Hexenhügel“) mounted in 1925 to commemorate the victims of the witch hunting era.

Why not discover the impressive scenery from a cruising boat? The region also counts a fascinating number of castles, like Stolzenfels Castle, Ehrenburg, Eltz Castle, and the extraordinary Lava Dome in Mendig – all within a radius of less than 25 km. Koblenz, one of Germany’s oldest cities, is only 5 km down the Moselle, and romantic little Cochem is 40 km upstream.


Castle Eltz in Germany


Things to do

The Winningen area offers more than 30 km of hiking and vineyard trails, a historic loop road, golf in the hills, water sport facilities, a marina and the Koblenz-Winningen airport. Hobby pilots, business clients, and the helicopter squadron of the Rhineland Palatinate police profit from this small airport. Also cycling is very popular in the Winningen area as well. Therefore local clubs organize cycling and walking tours from 5 to 50 km. Thereafter according to a local custom, you may reward your effort with a glass of excellent wine.


two glasses of wine


A multitude of festivals and events happen all year long. People in Winningen successfully established an art festival „Kunsttage“ that attracts just as many visitors as the numerous wine and food tastings, accompanied with small art exhibitions, concerts, and arts and crafts stalls. In addition the Winningen “Moselfest” starts on the last August weekend and ends 10 days later with a breath-taking firework. The longest and oldest festival of the region centers the Wine Witch fountain („Weinhexbrunnen“), encircled by fairytale half-timbered houses. The Winningen „Weinhex“ (wine witch) traces back to a woman who supposedly did too much justice to the juice of the grape. Named wine witch by her husband, her statue on the Willingen fountain makes her immortal.