Centre of antiquity

Roman city – Discover living history in Trier

Trier is an enchanting historic town in the West of the picturesque German federal state Rhineland-Palatinate. The third biggest city of this region was founded 2000 years ago by Romans under the name Augusta Treverorum. Therefore, it can be considered as being Germany´s oldest town! Trier is furthermore internationally famous for being the German center of antiquity. Numerous extraordinary sights with Roman origins embellish the cityscape and draw the attention of numerous culturally enthused tourists from all over the world.


Trierer Dom St. Peter und Liebfrauenkirche Gesamtansicht


Antique monuments wherever you go

The charming city hosts some of the best preserved antique monuments in the whole world. So it is no wonder, that since 1986 seven roman buildings have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. One of the most popular buildings in Trier is naturally the impressive Porta Nigra. Today, the beautiful former Roman city gate is the landmark of the town. The likewise impressive Constantine’s basilica was in former times a Roman audience hall and the spectacular Roman bridge crossing the river Moselle is Germany´s oldest bridge.


Trier, Germany A World Heritage Site



Trier Roman bridge


Fascinating museums for for any taste and age

Besides its antique buildings, Trier provides several outstanding museums focusing on different topics. The Rhineland State Museum of Trier for example is one of Germany´s most important archaeological museums and provides a splendid collection of archaeological artifacts from early history, the Roman period, Medieval Ages and the Baroque. Children will love the toy´s museum with more than 5000 exhibits of historical playthings.


Porta Nigra interior in Trier


Exciting festivities throughout the year

As a matter of fact Trier offers a variety of event highlights over the year, such as the annual festivities Trierer Sommer (Summer in Trier) including several exhibitions, open air festivals and concerts, the great public festival Altstadtfest (festival in the old town) or the lovely Christmas market with 95 wooden chalets providing for example high-quality gift articles, delightful Christmas cookies and mulled wine at the cozy medieval market place of the town.

Enjoy unpronounceable regional delicacies

The typical regional cuisine is another exceptional characteristic of the Trier region and always worth a try! Among the regional specialties you will find a lot of delicate things with funny dialectal names, such as the even for many Germans unpronounceable Krumbeerenschniedcha, meaning crunchy potato pancakes with applesauce. Another delicacy is named Teerdich or Kappes Meng, this is a mixture of sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, a popular side dish to for example blood sausage. If you want to get to know a special beverage of the region, enjoy a so-called Viez. This is an acidic cider or perry, often served as accompanying drink to fried fish or Limburger cheese.

Gather new experiences at the Trier region

Whilst visiting Trier a brief you must have a look at the beautiful landscape around the city. A visit of for example the Ruwer valley is absolutely recommended. The lovely valley is located close to the venerable city and an absolute paradise for hiking and cycling fans. Furthermore, you will find a great number of fascinating sights, such as castles, Roman villas, adventure and open air museums and monasteries in the near surroundings of the city. A special destination for all ages is among others the flight exhibition at Hermeskeil with more than 100 original air crafts and an exhibition space of approx. 80 000 sqm. The Bitburger Erlebniswelt (Theme Park Bitburg) is also worth a visit. The Bitburg brewery is one of Germany´s biggest brewery companies. At the theme park you will learn all about brewing, from the brewing process up to the modern way of beer bottling.