Home of the steepest vineyard in europe the Bremmer Calmont

The enchanting winegrowing village of Bremm is situated in one of the most beautiful loops of the river Moselle, at the foot of the impressively steep vineyard hill Calmont. The municipality of Bremm belongs to the district of Cochem-Zell and is an officially recognized tourist center. In 2002, Bremm won the first prize in the contest “Our Village has a Future”, and was honored with the award “Loveliest Village in Rhineland-Palatinate”.


Bremmer Calmont Steepest vineyard in europe


Archeological finds of Celtic relicts and Roman building materials prove that Bremm was already populated in Celtic and Roman times. Bremm was first mentioned in the documents in 1051 under the name of “Brembe”, when the granddaughter of Emperor Otto II gave the village to Brauweiler abbey as a present. 1794 occupied by French revolutionary troops, Bremm was a part of the “Mairie Eller” in the canton of Cochem until 1814. 1815 the village was assigned to the kingdom of Prussia. And since 1946, Bremm is part of the province of Rhineland-Palatinate.

The surrounding landscape is dominated by the Calmont steep hills and the monastery ruins of “Kloster Stuben” – definitely scenery of the special kind. An altitude of 378 m and a slope of 65% makes the Calmont hill the steepest vineyard site in all Europe. It is said that 2000 years ago, the Romans planted the first grapevines in the Bremm-Calmont region. They must already have recognized the advantages of the schistose soil of the steep sunny slopes. And the Romans are definitely at the origin of the name Calmont, calling the hill “calidus mons” (hot hill) because of the warm climate and South-facing slope.


Bremm mosel autumn


Things to do

The Riesling growing on the Moselle terraces is rated one of the world’s best wines. And it can be tasted directly on the spot, at the local winemakers’ caves. Wine tastings are being organized all year long, and on the first weekend of September, the Calmont Wine Festival („Weinfest“) attracts lots of visitors. And the antique walls of the “Kloster Stuben” are revived with concerts and events organized in the monastery ruins. The great variety of culinary treats in and around Bremm is also very tempting. You can enjoy haute cuisine menus in high class restaurants or savory local home-style cooking in local taverns.

The Bremm region is also a genuine paradise for hikers of all levels, with the Calmont via ferrata as highlight and insider tip at the same time. Clambering up the steep vineyard paths along the Moselle will grant you stunning views. For cyclists, the Bremm area offers very well developed bicycle paths along the Moselle river banks. And why not look at this beautiful stretch of Moselle valley from yet another angle – stepping on a boat and cruising down the river. For the most courageous, a paragliding ramp nearby invites to discover the scenery from high above.


Paraglider landing in front of calmont


Things to see

Many places of interest and historic sites are to be discovered in Bremm. Narrow streets lead you to picturesque half-timbered houses. Village squares harbor fountains and well-systems, and you can visit the 15th century parish church with baroque altar, reconstructed and enlarged in 1895. Quite a lot of the half-timbered houses have been carefully and artistically decorated and belong to the class listed monuments of the region, for example the „Storchenhaus“ (stork’s house). In the Saint Laurentius church and chapels, wonderful works of sacral art, figurines, and valuable tableaus can be admired. On top of the Calmont hill you will find a Roman sanctuary, excavation finds authentically reconstructed in a dream environment.