Historic and romantic place you definitely have to visit

Bernkastel-Kues: A very special place to dwell

When you are looking for a place which will suit your body as well as your brain, then you have to pay Bernkastel-Kues an extended visit. Here you will find a landscape which is perfectly suited for hiking and cycling. And if you are looking for a library with a reputation that goes far beyond the borders of Rheinland-Pfalz, the Bibliothek der Institutionen will give you the room for new ideas. Here is the place where body and mind can easily come in tune. Bernkastel-Kues offers various ways of exercise and has some culinary treasures to give which will be special treat in every way.


Cusanus house


Water and Wine in complete harmony

The Moselle is well known for its cuisine and its wines. Here you can find a variety of excellent wines which will prove that Bernkastel-Kues is blessed by the sun in every way. From table wines to precious ice-wines, here every taste can be catered. Bernkastel-Kues is doing its best to show every visitor the manifold advantages of good wine. Therefore you can pay the wine-museum a visit or attend to a guided vineyard tour to learn that this beverage is definitely more than just an ordinary drink. And if you want to spend your time even more convenient, the boats on the Moselle will give you views of the most beautiful landscapes in a very laid back and comfortable style. Sightseeing on the Moselle can be so wonderfully pleasing.


Panoramic landscape with vineyards surrounding the town of Bernkastel


Where fun and science meet

Spending time in libraries is not the key interest in every holiday trip. But there are always exceptions from every rule. The Bibliothek der Institutionen has some hidden treasures to give. Here is the place where medieval manuscripts are kept which are well known for their beauty. By the way, beauty is one of the essential key-terms when it comes to describing Bernkastel-Kues. This is why you will find here the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe. Forests, vineyards, the landscape will please your muscles as well as your mind. And if you are up to even more fun and sports, then you should try one of the mountain-bike courses which will burn calories in no time. And this means that you will not regret what the local restaurants will offer you.


Lieser near Bernkastel-Kues


Food for the senses

Bernkastel-Kues is well-known for its extremely high culinary style. One of the reasons for this very special position may be the meeting of four regions which form this place. Venetian style is shaping the surrounding as well as Celtic and Gothic influences. The result is a very lively and diversified environment where narrow-mindedness is something unknown. In this climate a cuisine came to live which can transform the local treasures into meals which can only be described as feasts. The carefully styled menus are as multifarious as the landscape they come from. And here again it proves: Body, mind and soul can be in perfect harmony, all you have to do is to pay Berncastel-Kues a visit you will never forget.