Welcome to the „Sleeping Beauty“ of the Moselle wine region

Beilstein is one of the tiny winegrowers’ towns you can find lined up along the Moselle River like beads on a string. Encased between creek ridges, Beilstein in the province of Rhineland-Palatinate is an adorable place to visit. On both sides of the river, magnificent castles and ruins captivate the eye of the beholder; picturesque towns with charming houses alternate with the soft slopes of vineyard hills.


beautiful view from "Burg Metternich Beilstein" in Germany


How to get there?

Only 40 minutes from Frankfurt Hahn airport, 1 hour from Koblenz, and 1 hour and 15 minutes from Trier, Beilstein is a fun destination easy to be reached. If you decide to go there by car, you will find free and paid parking all along the Moselle. Riding the bus is also an option. Beware: there are more than one places in Germany called Beilstein, make sure you get the right postal code (56814). Those who love river cruises may take a river boat docking in Beilstein.

As if time stood still

Especially in the off-peak seasons, Beilstein is a textbook example of a fairytale village. The historical dreamy town in the hills is well-preserved, with its narrow cobblestone passageways and half-timbered houses. A part of the stone fortifications erected in 1310 to encircle the village are still visible. The picturesque market square from 1322 with the former tithe house, and the old tollhouse from 1634 are as rich in history as the convent stairs leading uphill to the Carmelite monastery.


beilstein in germany

Beilstein – What to see?

A must see when you come to Beilstein is the impressive castle ruin Burg Metternich from the 13th century. Once built for an aristocratic family, now only one of the original towers is still intact. The Carmelite monastery and Saint Joseph’s Church with its 12th century “Miraculous Black Madonna” of Spanish origin are also worth a visit. Adepts of church music will cherish the famous baroque organ by Balthasar König, carefully restored in 2002. The idyllic medieval town of Cochem is only 15 minutes away, and in 40 minutes’ distance, the enchanting castle Burg Eltz lies hidden in a forest.

Relax and enjoy a fairytale village

Hike and bike
Beilstein with some 160 residents is a great place for hiking, watching the swans in the river, or enjoying local wine and food. Or why not ride a bike along the Moselle River – there are smooth bike-lanes separate from car traffic, and you can relax and enjoy the view.


burg beilstein


Wine and food

Check the Beilstein town website for local inns, guesthouses, and restaurants. A lot of local wineries and cellars are also to be found and worth visiting. Many winegrowers offer wine tasting all around the year, but most places will be especially frequented in September and October. In good weather, it is a great idea to sit outside and eat on a riverside terrace, stunning river view included, or in one of the many cozy restaurants in the historical town center.

Fairy-Tale summer

A very charming event taking place every year in July and August is the “Beilstein Fairy-Tale Summer” (Beilsteiner Märchensommer). Fairy tales produced by the marionette theatre from Cochem are presented at the winegrowing museum. And the traditional opening and closing performance is always a version of the Brothers Grimm’s “Sleeping Beauty”, one of the village’s nicknames.