Geierlay Bridge is one of of the longest rope bridges in Europe

The Geierlay rope bridge – A spectacular place

The opening of the Geierlay Bridge was held on 3 October 2015. Since then already more than 300,000 visitors crossed the Geierlay until August 27, 2016. If you are doing a mosel holiday we recommend to visit this breath-taking sight.


Geierlay rope bridge


How you get there

The Geierlay Bridge connecting the villages Sosberg and Mörsdorf in the Hunsrück region which is located in Rhineland Palatinate in western Germany. The Geierlay bridge is not far away from the mosel valley. For example, from Zell is the bridge just 30 km away, from Cochem only 20 and from Beilstein just 16 km. Tourists can go to the visitor center with a large car park, also for coaches. In the visitor center there is a bistro. The bridge itself is only 1.8 kilometers from Mörsdorf and easily accessible on a paved road or a trail through the forest only by foot or bicycle.


Construction Geierlay Bridge


Geierlay bridge – Amazing facts

The suspension bridge has a total length of 360 m and thus one of the longest suspension bridge in Europe. The maximum height above the ground is less than 100 meters. The weight is 62 tonnes. The bridge carries a maximum load of 76.5 tons, which corresponds to about 950 people at an assumed average weight of 80 kg.

Where the name „Geierlay“ come from?

The field were the bridge is built has the name Geierslay because on the rocks in this area are living many birds of prey. And in german the word „Geier“, comes from the Middle High German „gir“ as a noun of „gierig“, that is still a common name for a number of different species of raptors.

A paradise for hikers and nature lovers

The Hunsrück region is beautiful and well known place for hikers and nature enthusiasts. The view from the Geierlay rope Bridge over the thick forests is just amazing. On some days you can watch a eagle flying show and see how the unique birds fly through the valley.


View from Geierlay Bridge


Accommodation recommendation


Hotel Haus Lipmann (Rated Exceptional 9.5 / 10)

The Hotel Haus Lipmann is designed in a rustic-style and is located in the picturesque town of Beilstein. The Geierslay rope bridge is only 16 km’s away. This family friendly Hotel is also the perfect accommodation to enjoy the romantic atmosphere in the mosel valley.


Hotel Haus Lipmann architecture

Hotel Haus Lipmann rooms

Hotel Haus Lipmann Half-Timbered House

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