Eltz Castle – One of the most beautiful sights

Eltz Castle – The atmosphere draws you into a spell

In the next few blog posts we want to present you the most beautiful castles in the mosel valley. Our first tour in this series leads us to the often drawn and photographed Eltz Castle. The romantic atmosphere is one reason why numerous visitors are coming each year for the Eltz Castle tour. Another reason could be the amazing scenery! The Eltz forest around the castle has been declared a nature reserve in year 2000.


Eltz forest


How you get there?

Eltz Castle is located in Wierschem a small valley north of the mosel not far from Cochem. The german castle is only reachable by foot. You walk through thick forests on beautiful trails. For example you could walk the award winning hike „Eltz Castle Panorama“This trail is around 12.6 kms long and took 5 hours for seasoned hikers. But there are also shorter hikes like the „Up the Romantic Eltz Stream“ who is 2.5 km long and took approximately 35 minutes to walk.


Castle Eltz is a German absolutely stunning stronghold castle


Medieval Castle – A building with history

The castle were build in the 12th century as imperial fiefdom at the street from the small valley to Maifeld. Eltz is still owned by the same family for 850 years. The name Lord of Eltz were first mentioned in year 1157. 100 Years later the brothers Elias, Wilhelm and Theoderich had a dispute and the family split up before 1268. That’s the reason why Eltz Castle were divided among the three branches of the family. They all got their residential buildings and the castle got it’s picturesque shape as a Ganerbenburg. That’s a castle who are occupied and managed by several families or family lines at the same time. Despite everything, the castle remained in family ownership because they had strict regulations.


Castle Eltz in Germany. View to the towers


What lies behind the walls

In the castle courtyard you could think you are in a late medieval city district. Inside the buildings are architectural remarkable rooms with exquisite interiors and artworks. At the Rübenacher House you could find a Armoury with the oldest survived cannon bolts from the Eltz feud, piercing and thrusting weapons as well as a selection of 14th to 17th century firearms from the turkish wars. The Rübenacher Lower Hall with a beautiful wooden ceiling contains the famous precious painting „Madonna with Child and Grapes“, a masterpiece by Lucas Cranach the Elder.


Castle Eltz is one of the best preserved castles in Europe located in Germany.

castle eltz in germany



Eltz is one of the few german castle which have never been destroyed. Therefore we think this castle is one of the places you must have seen if you visit the mosel valley. The Eltz Forest in combination with the medieval castle creates an awesome fairytale atmosphere that you will never forget.

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Gräflich Eltz’sche
Kastellanei Burg Eltz
Burg Eltz 1
56294 Wierschem, Germany

Opening Times:
Eltz Castle will be open daily from 20th March 2016 until
1st Nov. 2016 from 9.30 to 17.30

Accommodation recommendation


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Hotel Landhaus Neuhof


Hotel Landhaus Neuhof

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